Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Creative Bliss!

The weekend Valentine's Kids Class in Delhi went Very well!  What a fantastic group of kids - and soooo very creative!!   We had Pokemon emellishments, Barbie, extra hearts, and punches and bugs!!  They all did an amazing job and I think the kids who receive these cards are going to be very happy -- and maybe even some relatives will be luck enough to get one too!  And thank you Jessica for my special card -- sooo sweet!  And I cannot forget Ang and Jackson for hosting this awesome event for everyone.  Great job guys!!.  Of course you are always going to forget something when you travel and believe it or not I - yes me!!! - I forgot me camera!   So I have no cool pics to post but I am hoping someone will send me pictures to post of their amazing cards.

Today I am getting to work on the blog so it may look funny off and on for the next few days -- hold on to your ink pads - I am almost done!

Glittery Hugs


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