Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wacky Wednesday!

Have you all recovered from the Turkey Coma?  I have not!  As some of you know I have a chronic illness which at times makes life difficult!  And I pushed myself WAY WAY too hard but sometimes that is what you have to do to have a life!  Anyway as I lay in bed with my heating pad and tea I came up with a new idea.
Wacky Wednesday!

Now this can be something someone sent to me  or it can be something I made that did not come out quite right or it can just be cool .

Today for instance is a very cool video from Youtube.  This kid is awesome and I love Disney so this just struck a chord with me and I hope you enjoy it too!!  

This kid is awesome  check it out and I hope you enjoy the first Wacky Wednesday!

Glittery Hugs


Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian Crafters and Happy Columbus Day to all of my followers in the good old US of A!!

I love October!  Fall, Thanksgiving, Sweaters!!! Fires, Pumpkin Everything, Halloween and those beautiful beautiful fall leaves.  The gorgeous leaves are what inspired todays card!

This card will also help announce the Thanksgiving Sale over at  Enter the word THANKFUL  all in capitals at checkout and you will receive 15% of your entire order .  Today only!  
Don't forget to check out all the new arrivals that are being posted as fast as I can and still cook our thanksgiving feast.  
Enjoy your day!

Glittery Hugs,