Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Must Read!!

Last night my daughter Presley, my son Jayden and I were so lucky to attend a book launch by two very talented brothers,  and as it so happens, friends of my daughters too!  Jake and Luke Reaume  have written an epic novel, why?  Because they believed they could!  You must read the incredible story of their journey to today and their novel The Draconean.  Here are some pics from last night   and a link to their site.  The boys are local and attend St Christopher's and you can purchase their book at The Book Keeper in Sarnia  or on line!
Oh yeah almost forgot, can't send the boys off without a card now can I?!

Ok one card each!  I hope they are not peeking and spoiling the suprise

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CRYSTAL said...

So sweet of you to make them cards to commemorate the special moment! I really like how masculine they are! :) tfs