Friday, January 22, 2010

Under Construction

Good Morning Friends!  So I am working away at this blog thing here -- and its under construction right now.  I wanted to at least get a bit of a start on it -- but I am getting ready for my First Open Studio Event this weekend - I am so very excited about it!  And its my best friend Tracy Birthday too -- so we all get to celebrate with her and have CAKE  yum!  Happy Birthday Tracy!!!  she is awesome!!!!  And she loves to scrapbook and stamp as much as I do - and can be given full credit for my addiction!  Glittery Hugs!!

So been making use of my sleepless nights with VERY cool door prizes and an awesome Make and Take - only demonstrators have seen it but I will post it on the site after the big event -- would not want to spoil the suprise!

If you can not tell I am a HUGE Bon Jovi Fan  so I thought it appropriate to have Making a Memory as the theme song for this site!  How perfect.   As scrapbookers and card makers that is what we do - make memories -w hether it is the time we spent on a card - the time we spent with friends in a club or the pictures we are lovingly scrapbooking and journaling  these are our memories and precious to us and to those that receive the gifts we give.

Well that is it for now -- back to creating.  watch for a better blog site soon!!

Glittery Hugs


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