Sunday, January 24, 2010

Monkey Man

Today  my daughter Presley and I went to a baby shower for one of her friends that we have known since Grade two.  Bekka is a sweetie!  And she is having a little boy , Nash,  what an adorable name!!,  in about 19 days.  I had to make a special card for Bekka, of course!!  And since right now  one of the sets I am in love with is Fox and Friends that is what I used to create a cute little card for Bekka and Nash and I used all the other charcters in the set to create a cute set of thank you cards for Bekka to send out later.  Presley made a wonderful tie blanket for Mom and Baby -  I am so proud of her - it was the first one she did all by herself!!  I guess this means it will be safe to send her to University next year right?  Anyway here is a quick picture of the card via cell phone since I was so busy getting ready for the Open Studio I completely forgot to document my card!!

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