Saturday, May 8, 2010

Busy Busy!

It has been such a busy week around here getting ready for Prom and my Son's 19th Birthday - can you say Mother what day?  Yeah not sure that is happening this year!!

I can hardly believe Presley's Prom is tonight -- isn't she six?  Isn't that her Belle dress?  Nice dream Mom!  I will of course be posting scrapbook pages of the event!!  Maybe a couple of pictures too hehehe!
Oh and just a little bit of bragging here too!  Presley did get accepted to Brock ( as we all know!)  Today she got accepted to the University of Waterloo with a bit of scholarship too!  Beautiful and brains!  So now she is doing a little bit of thinking!
Hard choices since her first choice was Brock.  Waterloo is amazing though!  Oh well tonight is Prom -- time to celebrate and it looks like keep warm too!
Glittery Hugs


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